Why Does the Radical Right Wing Hate Obama?

Date 2009/9/27 2:00:00 | Topic: The Editor's Column

One of our readers from the right side of the house spent a lot of time putting together a rebuttal to an ongoing debate we’re having concerning the censoring of President Obama’s recent speech to school children. While I disagree with most of this reader’s assertions, I do appreciate the insight this gives into what their side is thinking, and I appreciate that they took the time to write some real reasons rather than just throwing out labels.

Here’s what the reader wrote:

Anyway, let's see what Obama has done since he's been in office.

He has either spent, or promissed to spend monies that will quadruple the deficit. 4x what every other president in history has managed to accumulate in total. The dollar is at a level we've never seen, wonder why? Yeah, he hasn't raised federal income taxes, although he has raised other taxes, but who cares. He just prints the money he needs. That Steve, WILL destroy the country.

He has "bailed out" multiple industries, and by bailed out, we mean taken over - mortgage, banking, auto, etc...

He lied when he promissed to put bills online for us to read for 5 days before he signs them. Not happening.

He lied when he promssed to end the wars and bring the troops home within 6 months of being elected.

He lied when he promissed transparency in his adminstration. There is no transparency. Bills are going from Nancy Pelosi's office straight to the floor. There are no committes who are getting a chance to look at them. Just this week the democrats voted down a bill to give 72 hours for everyone to read any health care bill that is passed and have a full cost analysis. NOPE! Don't need that. Of course not.

He spent an unheard of $870B to "save" us from a depression, even though every recession and depression in the history of the country didn't need the government spending $870B of our kids money to "save" us from it. And now, well surprise, the economy is showing signs of life. Wow, that $870B must have worked. Actually no, only about $140B of it has been spent. So he was wrong on that, too? Yes. So, can we have the rest of the money back? No.

Look at the distribution of the stimulus money. I'll let you do your own research, but pay special attention to how much money had been paid to democratic controlled/populated areas vs. republican, especially those areas which were key to his election victory. Is that cooincidence?! I think not. Talk about payback. Pure Chicago corruption.

And that doesn't even mention the $600B omnibus bill. Heaven only knows where that money went.

He has 3 DOZEN czars. Many of whom are completely unqualified. Self appointed and not accountable to anyone. Talking about whitey pumping poison into black areas or some such nonsense - puh-leeze. So much for checks and balances.

He has spent more money, WAY more money, it's not even close, on traveling than any other preisdent in history at this point in their presidency. Vacationing, campaigning, whatever. All over the place. And don't forget Michelle. Maybe he should stay in the whitehouse and do what he was elected to do, ya think?

He has had more television, special addresses to congress, and print interviews than any president in history at this point in their administration. And not all put together, EACH of those individually. What is he so desperate to convince everyone of? He is the great and powerful Oz, pay no attention to the budget behind the curtain.

And then there's health insurance reform. Great idea, lets take away 300 million people's insurance that they have today, the vast majority of whom are happy with what they have, and put in a plan to give 30 million uninsured people insurance for free, whether they want it or not. Great idea.

You know, on my best day, I could probably overlook most of those things or just wait until the next election cycle to change what Obama has screwed up so far. But this part...this part makes me really realize that he truly is a dangerous, ignorant man. When he was questioned about the constitutionality of forcing citizens to buy health insurance through the federal government, Obama's answer was that the constitution was a 200 year old document, etc... in other words, "well so what". Sorry Steve, I happen to believe in the constitution and the president doesn't. You worked a long time in your life defending it as have my father and many of my relatives. I will not abide a president who disregards it, period. I don't care if he walked on water otherwise.

And now, to bolster the unconstitutionality of his health plans...NOW we see the communist/socialist side of things just coming to light. If you do not want to participate in the government run insurance plan you are FINED up to $1900. If you refuse to pay that you go to jail. Now that ripps it friend. The federal government has no right whatsoever to force me to participate in a monopoly that I don't want to participate in. Especially one that dictates the terms of my existence and my health. NO WAY.

Sen. John Ensign (R-Nev.) received a handwritten note Thursday from Joint Committee on Taxation Chief of Staff Tom Barthold confirming the penalty for failing to pay the up to $1,900 fee for not buying health insurance.

Violators could be charged with a misdemeanor and could face up to a year in jail or a $25,000 penalty, Barthold wrote on JCT letterhead. He signed it "Sincerely, Thomas A. Barthold."

Please see Link

For the government to come waltzing through my living room and take away an insurance that provides what I need at a price I'm happy with, pass legislation to destroy that, then set up a substandard, rationed insurance plan run by them of course, fine me if I don't want to play ball with it, and then send me to jail if I refuse to pay the fine?! Well, that's worth goin to war over. It's like a new cable plan with a "yes" box, but no "no" box. That's conscription bud, plain and simple, and it's completely outside the bounds of the rights of the federal government as enumerated in the constitution. Supporters of it would do well to read up. You asked what right Obama has taken away, well that'll be the biggest one by anyone in history. There will be riots if that happens, mark my words, and rightly so. They're going to need MUCH bigger jails.

So taken all together, yes Obama is an incredible failure and very, very dangerous for the US. By the way, at this point your kids owe the government $40K each to help get us out of debt. You better start explaining.

Though it might take me awhile, and I may not get to every point they made, lets take this email topic-by-topic:

The Federal Deficit

Our reader wrote: “He has either spent, or promissed to spend monies that will quadruple the deficit. 4x what every other president in history has managed to accumulate in total.”

As of September 11th, the Treasury Department reported the federal deficit through August of 2009 to be $1.38 trillion. The entire deficit for all of FY 2008 was $454.8 trillion. This current fiscal year ends with September, so if we add another $111 billion to the August number, we should probably end up the year at about $1.49 trillion.

Now, divide the $1.49 trillion by the $454.8 billion from FY 2008, and you get 3.27 times larger deficit this year than last year. It’s huge, but not quite a quadrupling.

Of course, you can’t really attribute it all to President Obama, for two primary reasons:

1) Barack Obama will only have been President for 8 months of FY 2009. (February – September)
2) As you know, all spending bills originate in the House of Representatives, and must be passed by the Senate and signed by the President. Spending in the current year is typically determined by the budget passed in the prior year.

Another interesting thing to look at is the major source of the deficit: According to Treasury numbers, year to date receipts from taxes are off by $365.4 billion, compared to where they were this time last year. Spending so far this year is $512 billion over where it was this time last year.

Don’t’ get me wrong: This is NOT where we would like to be. We all know that deficits result in debt, and that debt results in slavery. I don’t like this any more than you do.

But, we are in the middle of a Keynesian intervention here. The duly-elected Congress, and two Presidents from both major political parties have decided that this intervention was necessary to avoid an economic collapse which would have been even more costly. What we will have to do eventually is cut that spending back and bring in more tax revenue to uphold the other end of the Keynesian equation.

Back to the original statement: “4x what every other president in history has managed to accumulate in total”. Accumulation of deficit is called debt, so the total accumulation of all Presidents’ debt would be our national debt. Our current national debt as of today stands at $11.7 trillion. (Actually, it’s about $7.5 trillion, with us owing the rest to ourselves – but that’s a different conversation.)

Interestingly, just for comparison: When President Bush was sworn in on 1/20/2001, the national debt stood at $5.73 trillion. On the last day of his term, the debt stood at $10.63 trillion. In nominal dollars, this is an 85.5% increase. Today’s debt is $11.77 trillion, which equates to a 10.7% increase so far, with most folks thinking that we’ve seen the last of the major bailouts and stimulus.

My verdict on this statement: Mostly False.

OK, so that's as far as I've gotten so far. I'll continue with this as I get to it, but feel free to comment on what I've put out here so far.

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