H. R. 3590

Date 2009/11/22 20:40:00 | Topic: User Diaries

H. R. 3590

Spending most of the last two days reading 2074 pages of House Resolution ~ 3590

Five facts stand out in this bill.

1.) ~ The cost standpoint makes sense.
2.) ~ The patient standpoint is not good.
3.) ~ This plan is government driven
4.) ~ This bill is massive
5.) ~ This bill is very complex

I do see this bill being force and passed through the Senate (the nuclear option) and then being passed in a partisan vote in the House. All of this leading up to President Oboma presenting this at his address to the union next January.

A bill with such far changing effects on the very fabric of our country cannot be forced on half of our citizens‘. This bill needs to be a bi-partisan effort. I never thought when all this started it would become so hateful from both sides of the spectrum. Until we get over this bickering like children in Washington and really start caring, what is best for the American people no real problems can be overcome.

This is not about Washington Democrats’ or Washington Republicans‘…It is about us, the American people.

Our president needs to put 12 in an open room so we can all watch health care for all come to life. If this happens, it will get done. If this had happen on day one and we were truly transparent as the president called for we would be there today. Health care for all.

But, in all this talk about health care, the point that is still being missed is jobs. Nothing will matter if we are not employed as a country. If this plan or any plan is to truly work, we must have full employment to pay for any overhaul of the health care system.

It is time to take the Health Care debate and all debates back to the people. No more lock doors no more acting like spoiled brats in Washington.

Send me to Washington for you. Not to bicker like a child, but to fight for you. I know what the stakes are.

Join our cause for a “Better Way” Don Tracey for Congress the 26th district of Texas

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