Lewisville Utilities Billing Goes Paperless

Date 2010/5/7 3:50:00 | Topic: Local News, Notes and Events

The City of Lewisville announced last week that they will begin allowing residents to sign up to receive their water bills electronically, saving paper and postage for the city.

To switch to electronic billing, email ub@cityoflewisville.com to receive a form to fill out.

The electronic bill generated looks just like the bill a customer would receive in the mail. It includes a graph with the customer’s past 12 months’ history and a message area with current information. Residents will receive their bill one to two days earlier since the bill does not have to be forwarded and processed for mailing. Reminder bills will still be processed, printed and mailed.

Customers also are able to pay via the city's website, or by calling a customer service representative with a debit or credit card, thereby eliminating the need to print and mail the coupon back. The city also allows a customer to set up monthly direct deposit and will discount the bill by $1.50 each month.

We think this is a great idea that will save the city and our residents time and money. The city gets to save the 50 cents or so (I'm guessing) to print and mail your bill, and if you set up the bank draft, you can save the cost of a stamp, plus get a $1.50 discount. We've been on autodraft for years, and it works great.

Kudos to the City for making this happen.

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