Thoughts on Sunday Night

Date 2010/5/10 4:53:09 | Topic: User Diaries

Topics I want to write about tonight:

It has certainly been an interesting year for municipal and school board elections. So many things to observe and learn from. So much sleaze, but also some good positive things to see.

At any rate, I've posted my thoughts on the Lewisville election, and will probably also share my thoughts on the LISD election. Flower Mound, I always sort of hesitate at taking anything other than an objective point of view, since I really don't have a personal stake in it. But hey, I'll probably post something anyway in the next few days.

House Fire and Fire Chief Discussion
In the entire time I've been doing this blog, I've only ever done first-hand reporting on fires 3 times. I don't consider myself a "reporter" in the proper sense, so I try to stay well out of the way and just observe and take pictures - maybe talk to bystanders. Fires aren't the typical type of event we write about, because for the most part, the newspapers and TV media do a good job covering them.

So yesterday while I'm standing outside at Memorial Park, I heard all hell break loose with sirens, then saw the fire chief pull out of his neighborhood in his truck with lights flashing and sirens going. I looked over and saw that in the general direction of my house, from where I was standing, there was thick black smoke billowing hundreds of feet into the air.

Sensing that I should check on my house and see what was going on, I hopped in the car and headed home. Of course, as I got closer, it became apparent that the smoke was further away than it looked - as is often the case.

So, I got there and tried to stay out of the way, just stand back and take a few photos, ask some witnesses what happened. I ended up chatting with Chief Rick Lasky for a few minutes at the scene, and I got the impression he was a bit frustrated I was there.

He called me a couple of hours later, then came by for a chat on my front patio. No doubt my neighbors probably wondered what I was up to. Anyhow, basically he just wanted to make sure I understood what I was looking at on the scene and how to sort of not misinterpret what was said. He also explained to me that my presence had concerned a couple of his guys because one of the witnesses I was talking to was animated and agitated. Apparently, there was some bad feelings between some of the property owners involved, and firefighters want people to stay safe.

Of course, Lasky wouldn't say anything about what they did or didn't find in the house, or what the situation was - for privacy reasons. The witnesses told me a couple of things, but I'll keep those to myself for the time being so the investigators can do their job.

Lasky is a good guy who we're lucky to have running our fire department in Lewisville. I couldn't write fast enough to keep up with all the stuff he was telling me, but maybe at some point I'll find a way to share it with you in some coherent manner.

I got lots of sun on Saturday. I'm so burned on my neck and arms. Maybe before I'm forty years old, I'll finally learn to be proactive about applying sunscreen. I just never think about it unless I'm going to a beach or something.

"Vile and Filthy"
I'm used to taking a lot of personal attacks for sharing my views so openly here. I've learned to shrug it off and see it for what it is: desperation. When people can't refute my facts, they often lash out at my person. Anyhow, check this out:

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