Act of God

Date 2010/5/13 1:40:00 | Topic: Letters

One can but hope the next time Governor Rick Perry visits the Gulf Coast he has a window installed in his stomach so he can clearly see the environmental disaster BP of America, which he called “An Act of God”, has wreaked upon the area and its people.

Further compounding his ignorance of the situation Perry proclaimed BP had an excellent safety record. Did someone in his office failed to inform him in October last year BP paid the largest fine ($87,430,000) ever handed down by OSHA for the company's failure to correct potential hazards faced by employees at BP's Texas City, Texas, refinery. A disaster caused by BP’s protection of its bottom line as opposed to correcting potential hazards. A profit verses willful violations of employee safety that cost 15 Texans their lives and injured another 170.
A willful violation exists where an employer has knowledge of a violation and demonstrates an intentional disregard for the requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Act of 1970, or shows plain indifference to employee safety and health. A penalty of up to $70,000 is assessable for each willful violation.

Additional debunking of Perry’s claim BP is a safe company, the prior largest total penalty, $21 million, issued in 2005, also against BP.

As many have pointed out, BP has adamantly opposed expansion of industry oversight, and, perhaps most notoriously refused to install a back up remote-control shutoff system that two other major oil producers, Norway and Brazil, require. BP balked at paying the $500,000 installation cost; however, readily came up with $250,000 to become the largest donor to the Governor’s Mansion restoration Fund.

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