Lewisville Fined by TCEQ Over Sewage Spill

Date 2010/5/16 23:46:14 | Topic: Local News, Notes and Events

NBC 5 is reporting thet the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has fined the City of Lewisville $4,850 over a 2009 sewage backup that caused 3,780 gallons of sewage to flow out of a manhole, and kill approximately 40 fish in a tributary to Timber Creek. The incident happened July 21, 2009.

On the TCEQ document, the state notes that Lewisville has "average" compliance, and the fine was enhanced by $1,100 for repeated violations (Three self-reported incidents). The enhancement was offset by Lewisville's good faith efforts to clean up the mess.

See the TCEQ document

For those who aren't aware, Timber Creek is a rich source of wildlife, teeming with fish, amphibians, and all sorts of critters. It gives Lewisville a natural greenbelt and wildlife sanctuary, and helps define our city's character and connection to nature. Timber Creek is even listed in land grant documents from the 1800's when the area was settled.

The fine is not a huge amount of money - basically a slap on the wrist to a city as large as Lewisville. Hopefully our city staff don't need fines like this to induce compliance and proper maintenance of our sewers.

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