No Independent Candidates Qualify for the 26th

Date 2010/5/18 16:50:00 | Topic: Local News, Notes and Events

There will be no Independent Candidate on the 2010 General Election Ballot for the Texas 26th Congressional Seat, according to the Texas Secretary of State’s Office.

Last January, three residents of the district filed a Declaration of Intent and Ballot Application with the Secretary to run as Independents in the first of a two-step process to get on the ballot. The second step required each potential candidate to gather 500 valid signatures after the end of the primary run off election then file the signatures along with $3,200 with the Secretary before the May 13 deadline.

Signers must be registered voters who had not participated in the general primary election or the runoff primary election of a party that nominated, at either election, a candidate for the congressional seat.

Failing to complete the second part of the process to become were Donald Tracey, Keller; Mark A. Krencik, Oak Point; and Michael R. Powell, Flower Mound.

Republican Michael Burgess, Lewisville; Democrat Neil Durrance, Denton; and Libertarian Mark Boler, Oak Point, have qualified to be on the ballot.

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