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Date 2010/5/28 2:31:52 | Topic: Miscellaneous

Michael Watts, a local Navy veteran, shares his letter to Texas members of Congress asking for repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”. Michael Burgess has already responded that he's FOR discrimination against gays. Burgess, who has never served, cited "a whole host of issues including the military's management of same-sex marriage, barracks co-habitation, and health care". People like Burgess like paying lip service to "supporting our troops", but then don't have any faith that they can be mature enough to handle it. Shameful, just shameful. Same arguments were made in the past to keep women and minorities from serving.

Neil Durrance, the Democratic Candidate for U.S. House in District 26, has posted some videos that give you a good sense of the issues he cares about. Here's his Durrance for Congress YouTube Channel

The Lewisville Lake Symphony has a deal you can’t pass up: Commission your own musical composition, have it performed and recorded, and premiered to the world under the auspices of the Symphony for just $1000 per minute for a 5 minute piece.

It only takes 18 – 24 months? How much for one note? Got change for $100? The Symphony spokesman responded:
"The first note costs $4,500, I’m afraid. However there are substantial discounts for buying additional notes.

I can promise you something grand if you purchase 26,000 and have somebody put them in the right order for a 20 minute symphonic event."

The Denton Record Chronicle smells a familiar stench in Argyle.

The Denton County Sheriff’s office is patrolling Lewisville Lake this weekend. Be extra careful out there.

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