Email and Website Compromised by Malware

Date 2010/5/30 17:20:00 | Topic: Miscellaneous

Users of Go Daddy's web-based email service who use the Google Chrome browser were faced with this message today, upon logging into the service:

Google found malicious software on the site "", which has content embedded in Go Daddy's web email site, and their main website.

As of this morning, we could find no mention of the problem with Go Daddy, but a temporary workaround for Go Daddy mail users is to use the Mobile Mail login, which offers limited functionality, and seems to be unaffected by the problem.

Although Chrome reports the problem, other browsers could be at risk without reporting it.

GoDaddy reports via Twitter message that they are working on the problem.

Update 4:16 PM - Go Daddy seems to have corrected the problem, as the warning no longer shows. The Go Daddy Blog doesn't have anything about the issue though.

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