How Bush and Rumsfeld F'd up Iraq

Date 2007/1/11 5:30:07 | Topic: The Nimrods Never Cease to Amaze Me

President Bush explained tonight what the problem was. How could we have missed it?

The old strategy: Go through insurgent neighborhoods, root out the insurgents, then leave the neighborhood unguarded. The insurgents then come back and plant more bombs and kill more of our troops and innocent citizens.

New strategy: After our troops rid a neighborhood of the insurgents, we'll have our troops (embedded in Iraqi units) keep the insurgents from coming back in.

It's so easy... Why didn't anyone think of it before. It's the perfect use for 20,000 troops.

Seperately, I read the other day in "Soldier of Fortune" magazine that our U.S. Army snipers were being forced to be a "visible presence" around Baghdad. Anyone who understands the role of a sniper will understand that snipers work in two man covert teams. Their role is not to be a visible deterrent, but an invisible, silent and deadly tool to put down insurgents by shooting them dead when they least expect it.

Good grief...

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