Rep Michael Burgess is Anti-Life. Votes against life-saving stem cell research.

Date 2007/1/12 1:14:30 | Topic: The Nimrods Never Cease to Amaze Me

Today, Dr. Michael Burgess, an OB/GYN turned Congressman ignored all science, all reason, and the will of the majority of the people of his district and nationwide in blatant pandering to the radical religious right.

In Roll Call Vote 20 on H.R. 3, which passed 253 to 174 (58.2%), Burgess voted no on expanding Federal government research on embryonic stem cells from embryos that were destined for destruction as the result of fertility treatments. These embryos would have had to be donated with consent and without compensation from couples that had donated them.

Because of the conditions placed on these stem cells, there is ABSOLUTELY NO MORAL REASON TO OBJECT TO THIS.

Dr. Burgess had earlier stated that if there were any benefit to stem cells, the pharmaceutical companies would have invested. That's right, Doc - always waiting on the free market to step up to the plate on matters of public good. I won't hold my breath because stem cell research at this point is mostly in the realm of "pure science" meaning that scientists are still trying to understand the mechanisms of replication and specialization, and what makes a stem cell behave as it does. Big Pharma is stuck in typical corporate short-term thinking at best: There's no reason to invest in pure science because the payback will be many years hence. At worst, the Pharma companies would prefer us to keep pumping their chemicals in us treating expensive symptoms rather than actually curing disease.

Perhaps I should remind our readers that Dr. Burgess is quite used to being told what to do by the pharmaceutical industry. They started out giving him free pens, kleenex, and samples, and he's been on the gravy train since then. Not only does Pharma donate to Burgess' campaigns, but Burgess himself owns a good deal of stock in these companies.

Words can barely express how disappointed I am with Dr. Burgess putting his political career of carrying water for right-wing extremists before the health of his very own constituents who are vastly in favor of increased stem cell research.

Please join me in calling on Michael Burgess to wake up and listen to the people in his district of all political persuasions that want more stem cell research. You can reach him at (202)225-7772. Please let them know that you read about it on

Feel free to post your own comments and I'll be sure that Michael Burgess gets them.

Even Republican Joe Barton (Ranking member of the Energy and Commerce Committee) voted for this. District 24's Kenny Marchant (R) also voted against the bill.

The bill will need 2/3rds support in both the House and Senate in order to override an expected veto by President Bush.

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