Rumors of Chairmanships... Myra Crownover and Burt Solomons?

Date 2007/1/17 5:28:59 | Topic: Links, Thoughts, and Open Thread

Wilco Wise has received an anonymous tip relating to Speaker Craddick's choice of committee chairs for the 80th (2007) Texas Legislature.

Two of our local state representatives, Myra Crownover (R) of Denton, and Burt Solomons (R) of Carrollton may have been chosen. Ms. Crownover may take over the Committee on Energy Resources. (First, we'll have to get her some caffeine, so she can have energy of her own - No bills authored, co-authored, or sponsored so far). Burt "Bring in the Lobbyists" Solomons will chair the Financial Institutions Committee.

This article comes from The Lewisville Texan Journal

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