Rep's Wife: You kids get outta my yard!

Date 2007/1/21 4:32:20 | Topic: Links, Thoughts, and Open Thread

OK, this story comes from a 7 year old boy who attended my son's birthday party tonight at Interskate. (So take it for what it's worth) When my wife was getting his address for a "thank-you" note, I recognized the address as being on the same street as Rep. Michael Burgess (R, TX-26)

So, I asked the kid what part of the neighborhood he lived in, and I realized that it was very close to Michael Burgess' house. I quietly mentioned this to my wife, and the kid overheard me and volunteered: "Burgess? We live by him. The lady there doesn't like us kids very much though." When I asked him why he thought that, he said that "She's always telling us to get off their property and stuff."

Burgess's house backs up to an open field and is near a creek. It's a fairly quiet unpretentious neighborhood ideal for raising children. It reminds me a bit of the little neighborhood I grew up in, only the property values are much higher. Point being, when we were all kids (I won't say how long ago) there was no such thing as trespassing. All of the neighborhood kids would play football across several front yards, and most of the homeowners didn't much care. Hide and seek was a neighborhood game that we would play between folks houses.

Now that I'm grown up, I'll admit that I have at times wished that teenagers wouldn't cut through between our houses on their way home from school, but little kids, you just have to expect will not fully understand the imaginary lines that separate "mine" from "not mine".

Assuming that the child was talking about Laura Burgess, Michael's wife, I would say that in the conspicuous absence of any information about her, she's probably a saint for putting up with her husband's two demanding jobs - to some degree. I wouldn't want to demonize her for yelling at little kids. Just thought it was funny what a small world it is that a kid I don't know would tell me a story like this.

This article comes from The Lewisville Texan Journal

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