February 2007 Texas Dim Bulb Award Nominations

Date 2007/2/11 2:19:41 | Topic: The Nimrods Never Cease to Amaze Me

Although it's only 10 days into the month, we already have our first few nominees for the Texas Dim Bulb Awards.

First on my list of nominations is U.S. Congressman John Carter (R-TX31) for using taxpayer funds to perpetuate a false rumor on his official website regarding House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's transportation arrangements. It's one thing to print a story when you don't have all of the facts. It's deception when that story is then debunked, and you don't remove it. In fact, it's probably a violation of house rules for John Carter to use his official site for this, though I am not sure.

Here's a snippet:

Contact: Lindsey Willis (202)225-3864
Carter Shames Pelosi for Using Troops' Much-Needed Resources

Washington, DC, Feb 8 - House Republican Conference Secretary John Carter today issued the following statement regarding House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s request for a military C-32 jet:

"It is shameful enough that the Speaker requested the use of a lavish jet to suit her prima donna lifestyle on the taxpayer dime to the tune of $420,000 for a round trip home to San Francisco," said Congressman Carter. "Now, she has even further crossed the line by teaming up with Congressman Murtha and all but threatening to cut the Pentagon’s funding if her demands are not met."

This has of course been debunked, but that didn't stop the congressman from posting his idiocy 3 days later.

Other nominees:
David G. Knape, 62, of Lubbock, TX set bike path traps. More...
Ex-DEA Agent Barry Cooper of Big Sandy, TX promotes video showing how to hide illegal drugs and avoid getting busted
El Paso County Commissioner Luis Sarinana got busted for disorderly conduct, drinking beer near a culvert. He shouted profanities and was rude to the responding Sheriff's deputy. Read the official police report

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