John McClelland Announces Campaign for Dallas City Council

Date 2007/2/20 6:41:15 | Topic: The Editor's Column

Dallas, TX - February 20, 2007 -

Friends, colleagues, and family. I am taking this opportunity to announce my campaign for Dallas City Council, Place 12 (Far North Dallas).

Going into the May 12th election, we will be steering Dallas in the right direction!

Why am I running?

I am going to field this question for the next 2 months and probably well after the election is over. I am running to give Dallas a direction. To steer it where it needs to go. The wasteful spending, the ignorance to our crime problems, and the idea that the City Council is above the law, have all got to go! We have a unique opportunity to elect a fresh City Council. 2007 will usher in a new Mayor. It also will also usher in 1/2, if not more, new faces to the City Council. The time for change is here.

I also want to take the opportunity to dedicate my campaign to my brother, Sgt James Hodgkiss. James passed away one year ago today in a tragic accident, after having dutifully serving 2 tours in Iraq. My thoughts and prayers are with his family in California on this day.

What can you do to help?

There are a couple things you can do to help. Some of you are in the area, or live in my district. Some of you are half way across the country. Those that can give of their time, can help volunteer for the campaign. Those that can help give of their money, can donate it to the campaign.

A campaign needs manpower, so volunteers are very welcome. A campaign also needs a lot of money if we expect to win. So please donate whatever you can. The price of change in Dallas is worth every penny (Individual max contributions $1000/PAC $2500)

Please visit the campaign website and you can donate using a convenient PayPal link, using your credit card. Or you can mail a check payable to John McClelland for Dallas City Council, 18777 Midway Rd #506, Dallas TX 75287

Stay Tuned

There are a couple ways to keep up with the campaign. The main website will be There is also a MySpace page at so add me as your friend.

I hope everyone will stay with me in this exciting time. Forward this to your friends and neighbors. And every bit of support is appreciated.

On to victory in 2007!

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