Eco-Concierge Rental Homes

Date 2005/4/18 2:47:32 | Topic: Miscellaneous

Build a group of 10 - 12 homes in a cul-de-sac type community. These homes would be targeted to be rented to middle-class families with children. Provide amenities similar to apartment living, but with extras. Charge standard rental rates plus an additional amount of arount $500 per month for amenities.


  • Homes are low maintenance, eco-friendly and very efficient.

  • Maintenance and lawn care are provided.

  • On-site Concierge and Property Management

  • Community center with lots of amenities

Eco-friendly and Efficient
These rental homes will differ from traditional construction in that their primary intent is to be rented. As such, the construction will be more solid and less prone to wear and tear. Floors will be more durable, with lots of tile and laminate flooring instead of easily stainable carpet.

Exterior walls will be built with 2x8s instead of 2x4s, and the wall cavity filled with expanding polystyrene insulation. The attics are well ventilated and contain 16" of fiberglass batting.

Light fixtures are specifically designed for compact fluorescent bulbs. Most light switches are equipped with timers and/or motion sensors.

All windows are double-pane with high ratings. All entries have storm doors.

The primary HVAC systems are 15 seer heat pumps. Each house will have high capacity HEPA and UV air filtering for clean indoor air.

Maintenance and Lawn Care
Each home will be built on approximately 1/2 acre of land, in an area that can sustain new housing. Though each house will have some private yard area, most outdoor spaces will be common areas. All landscaping and lawn maintenance will be done organically by contractors approved and arranged by the management. Trees will be planted to provide shade and wind-break to lower utility bills.

The community has a non-potable water system used for irrigation and landscaping. Native plants and shrubs are chosen for their suitability to the local climate with minimal watering and maintenance.

On-site Concierge and Property Management
All of the rental units will be located together in one neighborhood, with live-in property management staff. This staff will double as concierge service for certain requests.

Typical concierge requests might include:

  • Accepting packages.

  • Obtaining tickets and dinner reservations.

  • Arranging babysitting

By having the properties all clustered together, the property management will be cheaper, since maintenance personnel wouldn't have to travel as much as they would for the typical set of 10 - 12 rental homes.

Community Center with Amenities
The management office is located adjacent to a community clubhouse of sorts to be shared by the residents. Various luxury items and equipment are available for loan, included in the monthly amenity fee:

  • Winnebago travel vehicle that can be borrowed by each household for up to 2 weeks per year. Resident pays for the fuel and insurance for each trip.

  • Loaner Vehicle - Resident furnishes fuel and provides proof of insurance. This fuel-efficient small pickup truck is available on a first-come first served basis to residents who need to move something, or who have their cars in for repairs.

  • Commercial grade high-capacity washer and dryer, for washing large items such as comforters, bedspreads, and curtains that are not easily handled in each unit's regular-sized washer and dryers.

  • Business Center - Copy machine, fax, and postage meter are available for resident use at cost.

  • Free high-speed wireless internet access for all residents.

  • Large-screen television lounge

  • Outdoor grill and picnic pavillion

  • Oil-change and Carwash facility

  • Well-equipped workout room with treadmills, stairmasters, universal machines, and free weights.

  • Heated Pool and Spa, professionally cleaned and maintained each week.

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