Election Results - July 31st, 2012 Primary Runoff Election

Date 2012/7/31 19:00:00 | Topic: Blogs and Columns

Results are in for the Democratic and Republican Primary Runoff elections.

U.S. Senate - Republican Nominee: Ted Cruz
U.S. Senate - Democratic Nominee: Paul Sadler
Texas Railroad Commission: Christi Craddick, and Barry Smitherman will be the Republican Nominees.

Supreme Court Justice David Medina was defeated by John Devine.

The Republicans' selection of Cruz as their nominee will drive some moderate voters to Sadler, who actually has some legislative experience, and works across the aisle. Of course, we can only imagine what the TV attack ads on Sadler will look like.

Denton County results amplified the statewide results, with local Republicans choosing Cruz by 65%, and local Democrats choosing Sadler by 77%.

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