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Date 2012/8/14 5:31:13 | Topic: Links, Thoughts, and Open Thread

There was another drowning on Lewisville Lake Saturday. Then on Lake Grapevine Sunday, a Lewisville woman backed her boat over two swimmers, severely injuring with the propeller.

In College Station today, three people are dead after a shootout. A Brazos County constable was killed, as was a bystander before police were able to shoot and kill the suspect. Four others were injured. Buzzfeed has more about the shooter, who was apparently just your run-of-the-mill gun enthusiast, according to his social media posts. At the moment there is no word on a possible motive.

Dallas Morning News has a report on the idea to have fewer billboards in Lewisville, but for some of them to be electronic ones. I think I'd prefer that drivers pay more attention to the road, than the jumbotron.

Got crinkly cleavage? Lindsey Townsend says blast it away with a laser.

Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk.

President Obama is so powerful and evil that he apparently caused the drought. They later clarified they meant to blame Obama for Congress not passing the Republican version of an Ag bill. I can't blame Obama for not letting Republicans use the drought crisis like they use everything these days - as a chance to hold real work hostage to their ideological demands.

I suspect that Mitt Romney's campaign will try to rewrite Paul Ryan's history over the next couple of months, but here's a good reference source that pretty well lays out his record. On the issues: Paul Ryan

Ryan may have been a bad choice - particularly when Paul Ryan's budget plan is picked apart, and exposed for the way that it affects the most vulnerable. James Carville has tested it out on voters, and it's apparently a stronger negative for the Republicans than their strongest talking point.

The Romney campaign released a paper by four economists, trying to back up Romney's plan for Jobs, Growth, and the Economy. Those authors cited "empirical evidence" to back up their case that since the economy is taking a long time to rebound from the 2007 recession, it must be because of poor government management, and thus Obama's Fault . Problem: Some of the economists whose work was cited have essentially said "That's not what our work says at all".

Meanwhile, economist Paul Krugman points out that Romney's running mate Paul Ryan hasn't really crunched the numbers on his plan, which is more fantasy than serious economic plan.
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