Wednesday Morning Update

Date 2012/8/22 14:59:17 | Topic: Links, Thoughts, and Open Thread

Here's a rundown of the science regarding rape and pregnancy.

Congressman Michael Burgess (R, Lewisville) joined the chorus of those suggesting that Rep Todd Akin drop out of his senate bid over his idiotic comments about rape the other day.

More Republican "science": Impossible to get AIDS through heterosexual intercourse. Bonus: a pilot "screwed" a monkey. *Facepalm*

Keep Lewisville Beautiful has postponed its Trinity Trash Bash, that had been scheduled for September, due to the threat of West Nile Virus from mosquitos.

The problem with Men Explaining Things

Police Chief's update.

LISD Superintendent Dr. Steve Waddell welcomes everyone back for the 2012/13 school year with the latest edition of In Focus:

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