Sunday Afternoon Update: Superbowl Edition

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It's Superbowl Sunday, and not a single damn is given here in our household. I should be on a plane to New Orleans tonight so I can go work for my client, but the Superbowl has the city all jam-packed, and no hotel rooms are available anywhere at any reasonable prices. So, instead, I'll be in town all week again. Yeah, I've got the TV on, but really only to see funny commercials.

This past week was the start of filing in local elections, which is always exciting to me. I look forward to the end of the filing period when we can really focus in on the candidates and bring our readers the information necessary to make good choices.

Steve Blow has Four core principles that would revive the GOP: Live within your means. Live long and prosper. Live and let live. Live it up!

A Flower Mound man was killed in a one-car rollover in Lewisville.

Papa Johns goes after media sites who covered their CEO's anti-Obamacare whining, and asks them to remove stories.

Meanwhile, this past week, Applebees attempted to commit corporate PR suicide by firing a server who posted a picture on Reddit of a receipt on which a Christian pastor had attempted to stiff a waitress. The pastor wrote "I give God 10% Why do you get 18?", and zeroed out the tip. Not content to be exposed for their admittedly awful behavior, they called Applebees, which fired the server who posted it. Applebees added gas to the fire by not handling the backlash well on social media. Then again, this is the same company selling inflatable "decoys".

My thought is that as long as the posting didn't reveal any credit card information, I really don't see how it violates any privacy. This pastor obviously wanted her identity known, because she didn't just sign it, but put her title on it. It definitely doesn't rise to the level of termination. At any rate, it's interesting to see how the public reacts when a franchisee does something, and the entire chain is punished. It's basically the opposite of the reason why you join a franchise, which normally brings with it a certain amount of goodwill. These days, I'm wondering if it's not more of a liability. Any particular franchisee can do something really dumb, and the whole chain will suffer. For instance, a Denny's franchisee took it upon himself to impose an "Obamacare surcharge" on his guests, which caused major problems for the chain and threats of boycotts from the left. Yet another Denny's franchisee recently caused threats of boycotts from the right after kicking out some detectives for having their guns in plain view. As for me, I don't eat at either restaurant. I prefer to support locally owned and operated independent restaurants or small chains for the most part. Applebees lost my business years ago by serving watered-down drinks at premium prices.

A recent investigation finds that some Texas public schools are still violating the separation of church and state, by teaching Christian theology. I have no problem with schools teaching comparative religion, or teaching the Bible and other religious texts as literature. But I believe the First Amendment requires that government leave the theology to parents and churches. From what I've seen, even the local group who supports LISD teaching bible courses really does so from the perspective of hoping to use it to proselytize, based on their comments to the school board in support of it.

The NRA has an enemies list, which pretty much just serves two purposes:
1. It makes them look crazy.
2. It makes them look outnumbered.
Seriously, how does it bolster one's argument to post a gigantic list of celebrities, dignitaries, and respected organizations that you say support the other position? As I've said before, I'm a gun owner, and I support the second amendment, but I ditched my NRA membership years ago. They don't represent me; they represent crazy.

Here is a review of the last gun show in Lewisville, which had attendees lined up nearly around the corner. I've been a couple times too, and will say that they pretty much have everything you could want. The problem right now is that the hoarders are in full paranoia mode, and you can't buy anything for the right price.

A report says Texas has the 5th most regressive tax system. Regressive systems are those that ask the poorest to pay the highest percentage of their income. Sales tax is regressive because those with lower incomes spend much more of their income on taxable goods. Years ago, I wrote some commentary on the "Fair Tax" proposal which would eliminate income taxes in favor of regressive sales taxes.

I'm shocked - SHOCKED, I tell you, that Lewisville Councilman John Gorena didn't send us a press release announcing his re-election bid. Then again, he apparently didn't send one to the Lewisville Leader either, who instead interviewed him and let him say any old stupid ignorant thing he wanted to say. There is so much stupidity in this article, I'm basically speechless. Actually, I've got plenty to say, but it will be in a separate article.

The other day, my oldest son said the food in his school cafeteria was nasty, and it tasted like there was horse meat in the burgers. I have no idea how he would know what horse meat tastes like. In England, Burger King and Aldi got burned by a beef supplier using horse meat. They found equine DNA in the meat. ... e-meat.html#axzz2Jiam3aMN

State Rep. Myra Crownover filed a bill to allow county courts to review district creation.

The High Performance Schools Consortium, of which Lewisville ISD is the largest member, has sent its first report to the Texas Education Commissioner, requesting waivers from state education laws, as allowed under SB 1557. Texas Observer says the schools basically would like to secede from Texas' overbearing high-stakes testing system.

Irving City Manager Tommy Gonzalez is under investigation for soliciting inappropriate gifts from people with business before the city.

A famous retired Navy SEAL sniper was killed Saturday, shot at point blank range by a former Marine suffering from PTSD. For some reason, they were on a shooting range, and the Marine turned his gun on them.

A former Williamson County District Attorney faces a court of inquiry in the wrongful prosecution of a man who spent almost a quarter of a century in prison for the murder of his wife. The prosecutor withheld clearly exculpatory evidence, and now faces criminal action and disbarment.

This bit of idiocy was posted in the Denton County Republican Party's Facebook group.

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