LISD Asks Community to Vote on Logo Options

Date 2013/2/13 16:10:00 | Topic: Lewisville ISD Notes

As we wrote in a story last November, Lewisville ISD is going to get a brand makeover, which includes a new logo. Your editor served on the Strategic Design Subcommittee that directed the development of it.

Now that the committee has selected two possible logos from the various options we reviewed, LISD is asking the community to VOTE on which one the district should use.

Here are the two options:

The new tagline, "Real Innovation, Limitless Opportunity" is more than just a platitude; it's a bold promise that the committee and the district intends to be lasting and relevant.

Here is a little video that LISD produced showing part of the process we went through, looking at how the district should be perceived by the various stakeholders:

Read more about this on LISD's website, including some explanation of the design elements and rationale behind each logo, then please go vote on your favorite logo.

We would be interested to see your choice and your comments, so leave a comment below and tell us which one you chose, and why. Also, since the district would like wide community input on this, please consider sharing this link via the social media buttons at the bottom of the screen.

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