Updated: Flower Mound Police Act on Tip, Hunt for Fugitive

Date 2013/2/15 1:30:00 | Topic: Local News, Notes and Events

Acting on a tip from a passing motorist this afternoon, Flower Mound police searched an area near Bakersfield Park for escaped fugitive Alberto Morales, (right) the prisoner who stabbed a Miami detective and escaped from transport earlier this week.

Flower Mound PD Assistant Chief Wendell Mitchell said that at one point, up to 40 officers were involved in the search, after a motorist called in to say they thought they spotted someone who looked like Morales in the area. Officers even brought in a helicopter. The area of the search was between Gerault and Bakersfield Park, South of F.M. 3040 in the area around Spinks Rd.

Officers did find the spot where the motorist thought they saw Morales, and did find footprints, but could not identify them. In the end, the search turned up nothing, but Mitchell said they wanted to act on every tip, and make sure.

Mitchell said that the parks are open, as well as the roads, and that no schools were placed on lock-down.

Area residents are advised that Morales is an extremely dangerous person. Police say that if you see anything suspicious, or see anyone matching the description of Morales to call 911. Police say DO NOT CONTACT Morales in any way. Grapevine police also ask that people check on family, friends and neighbors if they have not heard from them in past few days. Morales is listed in the Texas Department of Public Safety Top Ten most wanted list. A $10,000 reward is in place for any information that leads to capture of Morales.

Here are additional photos of Morales:

Update 2/16/2013 - Morales has been shot and killed by police near Grapevine Lake.
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