Saturday Morning Update: Washington Edition

Date 2013/2/23 18:10:00 | Topic: Links, Thoughts, and Open Thread

Yesterday was George Washington's birthday. In honor of our first President's belated birthday, we bring you this edition of the Saturday Morning Update.

I've been out of town all week working for a client, and am currently in a project that is going to take some intense focus for awhile, so these updates may not be as regular as they should be. Hopefully Brandon Cooper will step in to fill in the gaps.

New Tool for Neighborhoods
The first thing I want to let you know about is a new social media website for neighborhoods called I don't normally jump on the bandwagon for new social media sites, but I think this one can serve a good purpose. The site links physical neighborhoods to allow neighbors to discuss those hyper-local neighborhood issues like crime, streets, development, and so forth. My neighborhood has about 20 people signed up so far. The site requires the use of real names, and uses address verification to ensure that only residents of the neighborhood can join the group and see posts. So it's not same kind of thing as the other types of social media websites.

Other local cities - notably our neighbor, Flower Mound, have homeowner associations that help connect residents to each other and to their city government. This type of thing may be just what we need to help get more involvement. So I hope you'll consider logging in and signing up. If you use this link to sign up, and you're the first in your neighborhood, and your neighborhood site gets the 15 or so people it takes to launch, NextDoor will give us both a $50 Starbucks card. (Sweet huh?)

The Lewisville Leader has a pretty good article about Lewisville City Councilman Rudy Durham's bid for re-election. We'll do our best to get an interview or questionnaire to him and the rest of the candidates in the coming month.

Lewisville Lake Redevelopment
The Dallas Morning News has a story about the plans for re-development by Lewisville Lake. This was one of the items covered in the City Council Retreat this year. You can watch the video here, but we've not written anything up about it yet. Councilman TJ Gilmore does have some thoughts on the topic that he shared in his blog.

Miscellaneous Links
Ruth's Room is a thrift shop that benefits Habitat for Humanity.

Research shows that conservatives go for name brand goods, while liberals will go for generics. I guess that works out for us, because we only buy name brands for things like Dr. Pepper and Stubbs.

Should UNT walk away from its football program? I've been saying yes to that for years. It's wasteful, and a drain on resources that should be used for education.

Florida Atlantic University wants to name a football stadium after a private prison company. Bad idea. Both that we have private prison companies, and that they want to advertise.

Good dental floss ad.

If you ever feel bad about yourself or think maybe you made some bad decisions, you could always look at these idiotic tatoos and feel just a little bit superior.

Sick marriage counselor seduces a husband of a couple she's counseling.

A fisherman found a dinosaur bone in Lewisville Lake.

Freedomworks made a sex tape.

Is the Veterans Administration covering up the causes of Gulf War Syndrome?

Texas Sharon takes another look at that case of water contamination in Parker County. You remember the one where the guy's well was spitting out natural gas, and Range Resources sued him for defamation because he dared to blame them after they fracked a well nearby? Sharon says "I told you so."

RIP Mindy McCready.

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