Lewisville City Council Notes - 6/17/2013

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By Raymond Daniels and Steve Southwell

The Lewisville City Council met in its regular scheduled meeting Monday night, June 17th, 2013. The agenda for this meeting may be found here. These are our unofficial (and rough) notes on the proceedings. Minutes are generally posted by the City Secretary after the following meeting. Councilman Leroy Vaughn was absent due to illness.

In workshop session the Council heard from Jim Cline, president of Denton County Transportation Authority, who presented slides on the current status and future directions of DCTA service.

Assistant City Manager Steve Bacchus presented the Council with information on the proposed water restrictions.

Regular Meeting


1.) The is the consideration of an ordinance for a zone change request from single-family residential and office district, to public use on 1.767 acres located between Herod St. and Charles St. on the north side of Church St. This is the property just North of the MCL Grand Theater. The property could be used for events parking, or could eventually be sold by the city for economic development purposes. This was requested by the City of Lewisville, the property owner. Passed unanimously.

2.Consideration of an ordinance for a zone change request from Old Town Mixed Use Two to public use on three tracts totally 0.87 acres located at the northwest corner of Walters St. and Mill St. This property will be used as parking for city staff, freeing up City hall property to be used for parking for public events. This was requested by the City of Lewisville, the property owner. Passed Unanimously.

3.) Consideration of an ordinance amending chapter 17026(a) of the Lewisville city code to reduce the minimum land requirement from 30 to 5 acres for a planned unit development. This was done to help facilitate redevelopment of older properties in the area. Passed unanimously.

Bryan Webb, Flower Mound Councilman wanted to inform Council of an initiative taken by Flower Mound to deal with drugs. Community drug summit - August 10th - Saturday - Trietsch Memorial Methodist Church - 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

CONSENT AGENDA: The most noteworthy item on the consent agenda was item 9, which is an implementation of stage 2 water restrictions in Lewisville. The City has been in stage 1 voluntary measures since 2006. This stage will be mandatory. It was moved by Councilman Durham, and seconded by Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Gilmore. Passed unanimously.


10.) Consideration of a variance to the Lewisville City Code chapter 4, article X. fences, located at 1805 South Valley Parkway, as requested by Bradley and Eloina Compton, the property owners. There was a motion to approve by Councilman Durham, which was seconded by Councilman Ferguson. Approved unanimously.

11.) Second and Final Reading: Consideration of an ordinance of the City Council of the City of Lewisville, Texas extending the term of an ordinance granting a gas franchise to Lone Star Gas Company, an Atmos corporation, providing an effective date.

12.) Consideration of a Brownfields assessment program application for the property at 1725 Lakepoint Dr. Councilman Ferguson made the motion to approve, which was seconded by Councilman Tierney. Approved unanimously. Funding for the program was granted to the City by the EPA. $200,000 was for hazardous materials, and $200,000 was for petroleum based materials. The city expects to use almost all of the hazardous materials funding, but will probably return some of the petroleum-based funding.

13.) Consideration of the addition of two new activities to the 2013 Western Days Festival and rain accumulation insurance and approval of a supplemental appropriation in the amount of $35,922 from the hotel-motel fund. Councilman Gilmore made a motion to approve the rain insurance, and second stage expenditures. Councilman Tierney seconded. Item passed unanimously. Councilman Gilmore then made a motion to table discussion of the Beer Tasting event until the next meeting. This item passed unanimously.

14.) Discussion and consideration of appointments to various City Boards/Commissions/Committees. All of recommendations for appointments were passed unanimously. (List forthcoming)

15.) Consideration of excusing Mayor Pro Tem Vaughn from attendance at the City Council meetings held on May, 21, 2013, June 3, 2013, and June 17, 2013. Mayor Ueckert mentioned that Councilman Vaughn was getting better, and worked with Councilman Gilmore on board appointments. Motion was made to approve his absence, which was seconded by Councilman Durham. Passed unanimously.

LFD Chief Tim Tittle congratulated the PD on their win at Battle of the Badge. Carrollton ended up beating LFD in the finals.

Gilmore: Don’t let off on mosquito prevention. Kealy Operations Center- first Tuesday of every month - free landscaping classes.

King: 2025 Meeting on Wednesday 19th at Senior Center

Ferguson: Was at the Battle of the Badge - very interesting game. Paws in the Park was a big success. Dogs were adopted. Sounds of Lewisville - Hip Hops play tomorrow night. Kildares on June 25th. Lewisville Summer Musicals - Red Skelton’s American Way - July 5th and 6th at MCL Grand. Yoga in the courtyard at MCL Grand. Wednesday nights at 6 p.m. Visual Arts League - Acoustic Fridays - 7 p.m. Solo exhibit by Dan Lattimore continues. Photography by various members. June 29th - Aug 10th - Fresh Ideas VAL exhibit.
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Apologies about the rough format of these notes. Let us know if there is anything we can clarify.

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