Upcoming Interview with Rep. Michael Burgess (R-TX 26)

Date 2007/6/28 23:03:43 | Topic: The Editor's Column

Though we regularly take our U.S. Rep. Michael Burgess (R-TX 26) to task in this venue for what we view as irresponsible voting, Burgess has shown himself again to be a gentleman for agreeing to be interviewed for this blog.

I'll be asking tough questions about his continued support of the occupation in Iraq (which he has stated is not an open-ended commitment), his 2008 re-election bid (whether or not he's running) and other topics.

I very much appreciate and respect the civility of this move. I've been trying for weeks to get a conversation with him, since as you know - his letters and emails toe the party line with talking points. Our country faces some very serious problems, and I strongly believe that our elected representatives need to explain themselves when their actions seem out-of-sync with their constituents' interests.

Because it's OLD and fairly uncivil of me to still have the GOP dunce hat picture on the site here, I'll be replacing it soon with something more appropriate. I know it's fun to play with PhotoShop, and it's a fair bet that I'll continue to do so when circumstances warrant.

Look for the interview sometime around July 4th. If any WhosPlayin readers have questions they would like to direct to Congressman Burgess, feel free to post them here, or email them to me: ses (at) whosplayin (dot) com.

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