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The Lewisville Texan Journal tries to cover as many stories as we can for an all-volunteer publication, but when we can't cover them, we like to post updates like this with links to stories we think are worth your read - along with a few funnies and the occasional bit of entertainment. Hope you enjoy this week's update:

As many of our readers remember, back in 2011, we called your attention to some illegal dumping that was happening in and around a local historic Fox Hembry Cemetery. We held a massive cleanup with your help, then several more after that have been done by us and other groups working with Keep Lewisville Beautiful. From time to time we've checked on the spot to keep tabs on whether dumping has continued. Unfortunately, this past weekend when we went out to check on it, we found not only that more dumping had taken place, but one of the dumpers pulled up with a load right as we were finishing up taking pictures. Here are the photos from that, which you can click to enlarge:

Since these guys pulled up while I was right there, and had a pickup load full of junk, it was pretty evident what they were there for. I confronted them: "You guys aren't here to dump trash are you?" "Nope," they said. "Because you know this is not a dump," I added. I snapped the photo of their license plate, and my son and I got in our car and left, calling the police on the way out. The truck turned around and followed us out - a bit too close and too fast, I might add - without dumping the load. Unfortunately, it did not seem like the officers who took my report cared much about the situation. They did look at my photos, and look up the license plate, but they had no plans to investigate, and didn't ask for copies of the photos.

I have since talked to the property owner of the land that surrounds the cemetery, and which was the target of this dumping, and he was prepared to make a police report. I have also talked to Police Chief Russ Kerbow, who says that this dumping is a problem, and that perhaps they've done a poor job in communicating to all their officers that investigating it is important. He asked me to send the photos his way, which I have done. We'll see what happens. I have long considered putting a hidden camera out there to catch the perpetrators. That may happen now between us and the property owner.

Ennis beat the Farmers last night 21-13. But the play was much better than last week’s 22-0 loss to the Plano Wildcats.

Lewisville Lake currently sits at 514.25 feet, or 67% full. This is just shy of 8 feet low, but we should be fine for the remainder of this year.

The drowning victims from last week have been identified.

Here’s more on Lewisville Dam from the Dallas Morning News.

Denton Guyer football player Nathan Maki was accidentally shot on a hunting trip last weekend. Students from area high schools have been offering their support for the family and for his fellow students. Last night, the Lewisville High School student council raised over $1,000 for a scholarship fund in Maki’s name.

Here is more info on that Winco grocery store that is coming to Lewisville, and the makeover that the Old Orchard Village East shopping center will receive.

Friday afternoon, a fire burned about an acre of property on Kingston Drive in Lewisville. Nobody was hurt, but an unoccupied home was damaged.

A Lewisville woman was robbed at gunpoint, but says that Lewisville police did not take her seriously when she reported the crime, and instead of searching for the armed suspects, subjected her to sobriety tests.

City Council meets Monday night. A workshop will be held at 5:45 p.m. to discuss the 2025 Planning process. On the agenda (long version) for 7:00 p.m. is a tax abatement worth $5.1 million for Prime Controls, Inc., which is expanding into a new building in the city. Mayor Dean Ueckert has proposed a $2.7 million odor abatement program for Old Town, which sometimes smells like sewage.

Guess where they’re going to hold Kellerfest? Keller? Nope. Why would you think that, silly?

A new TxDOT program proposes to give back control over certain state highways to cities. The cities would get a one-time payout, then be permanently responsible for the upkeep. In some cases this works out well for cities, such as when Lewisville took over the Eastern part of F.M. 1171 to rework Main Street into one-way and angle-parking through Old Town. But some cities are skeptical, and see it as just one more way the state is pushing its duties off onto cities. The Lewisville Leader has a local take on this.

From the "I-have-a-screwdriver,-therefore-everything-looks-like-something-for-me-to-screw" department: Right-wing think tank, the Texas Public Policy Foundation has formed a new front organization called the "Center for Local Governance". The organization's goal is to teach those silly democratically elected local government officials how to be "fiscally conservative". And failing that, try to convince the legislature to take away local control over things they disagree with ideologically.

Texas healthcare premiums may rise due to the state's opposition to expanding Medicaid. It only stands to reason that with more uninsured people, the rest of us will pay their share.

Sign company creates truck decal of hog-tied woman, and generates controversy in Central Texas.

A court has entered an order regarding Texas redistricting, denying the State's request to dismiss the 2011 lawsuit, and giving plaintiffs a chance to request that Texas be re-subjected to pre-clearance measures under the Voting Rights Act.

Nation / World
Nine questions about Syria you were too embarrassed to ask.

NASA launched a moon mission Friday night.

Congressman Michael Burgess (R, Lewisville) has weighed in on the proposed American Airlines, US Airways merger. Both the US Justice Department and Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott oppose it, but Burgess favors it. While we don’t have much of an opinion on the matter either way, it’s worth noting that Burgess offers a fallacious argument that “There are nearly 900 domestic routes that American and US Airways fly and only 12 of them overlap” When a merger is stopped for anti-trust reasons, it is because the two companies provide real competition to each other. If I want to fly from DFW to LAX, the airlines might use different hubs or connections, but they are going to compete for my business on price. Further, the routes that do match are probably going to be hub-to-hub flights, which are a major part of the cost of air travel. Five states and the District of Columbia have joined in the fight against the merger.

What does America's racial makeup look like on a map?

Koch Industries exposed.

Right-wing extremist radio talker Glenn Beck thinks progressives ought to be hunted down like Nazis for their political beliefs. What kind of cognitive dissonance must exist in this man’s pea brain that he views himself as some sort of American patriot when he espouses such an extreme anti-American and fascist view? Show up at my house, Glenn, and I’ll bust that perception of yours about progressives not owning guns.

For some reason, people on the left have been sharing on Facebook this old story from 2010 about the Texas State Board of Education’s proposal about rewriting American history standards to rename the slave trade to “Atlantic Triangular Trade”. The name that was settled on was “Transatlantic Slave Trade”. Either way, even though there are people out there who want to minimize that shameful portion of our history and paint slave owners as benevolent “providers”, you can bet that slavery is still discussed in the classroom for what it is.

On the other side, right-wing conspiracy nuts have been sharing on Facebook and emailing each other all about "Dhimmitude", and the supposed exceptions to the Affordable Care Act or "Obamacare" that would be afforded to Muslims. On its face, the claims are bullshit, and anyone who was fooled by it should be required to have training before they use the Internet again. Here's the scoop from Snopes (false), as well as from Politifact (Pants on Fire) and Those answers were so easy to find, and the claim so blatantly false, that you have to question either the sanity or morality of anyone who would pass it along.

The Book of Bad Arguments.

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