Lewisville City Council Notes - 9/16/2013

Date 2013/9/18 13:40:00 | Topic: Local News, Notes and Events

By Raymond Daniels

Best Little Brewfest coming to Lewisville in 2014. Wastewater Treatment Odor Abatement Passed and 2025 Plan Committee appointed.

The Lewisville City Council met in its regular scheduled meeting Monday night, August 16th, 2013. The agenda for this meeting may be found here. These are our unofficial (and sometimes rough) notes on the proceedings. Minutes are generally posted by the City Secretary after the following meeting.

Workshop Session - Economic Development and Odor Abatement
Midyear Economic Development Report: Nika Reineke of City Staff presented the report. Previously the City only did end of year reports. and this is the first time that they’ve held a midyear report. Citywide retail is doing well, and we have lower vacancy compared to other surrounding cities. New retail has opened in Lewisville such as Brooks Outlet and a new Hobby Lobby that opens up this friday.

Wastewater Treatment Plant Odor Abatement: Perkins Engineering discussed the proposed solution for the Wastewater Treatment Plant Odor issues in Old Town Lewisville.

Discussion of regular agenda items. It was discussed that Castle Hills needed more time to make some adjustments regarding items 6 and item 7. They weren’t certain on how much time they needed, so they discussed that no one would make any motion to pass the item.

Regular Session

Special Visitors / Proclamations / Presentations - Mayor Ueckert proclaimed the week of September 16th, 2013 as “Lewisville Lake Symphony” week.

Continued Public Hearing:
Consideration of an ordinance for a zone change request from General Business (GB) and Single-Family Residential (R-7.5) to Office District (OD) on 0.33 acres, located at 411 Harn Drive; further identified as Hivue Addition, Lot 1, Block C; as requested by Daniel and Carol Longacre, the property owners (Case No.PZ-2013-08-11).

Consent Agenda - Items 1 - 5:

Item 4 was pulled from the consent agenda per the Mayor's request. A motion was made to approve with the exception of item 4. Item passed unanimously. Mayor Ueckert abstained himself due to potential conflicts of interest. Mayor Pro-Tem Vaughan then took over. Item 4 was then passed unanimously.

Regular Agenda Items

Mayor Ueckert made a motion to bring Item 14 ahead above the other agenda items. Due to recent news publicity, the Mayor wanted to allow Perkins Engineering to address the public on this program.

Item 14: Tabled Item: Consideration of an odor abatement program in Old Town. A few cards were filled out. Carol Longacre and Lindsay Holliday spoke in support of the item. Travis Holliday filled out a card in support, but he did not wish to speak. Item passed unanimously.

Item 6 and 7 had no motion to approve. This was discussed during the workshop session.

Item 8: Consideration of an ordinance amending the FY 2012-13 adopted budget. Item passed unanimously.

Item 9: Consideration of an ordinance amending the Lewisville Code of Ordinances, chapter 2, article VIII, section 2-201 fee schedule. Item passed unanimously.

Item 10: Consideration of an ordinance adopting the FY 2013/2014 operating budget. Item passed unanimously.

Item 11: Consideration of an ordinance adopting the FY 2013/2014 operating budget. Item passed unanimously.

Item 12: Consideration of a vote to ratify the property tax revenue increase reflected in the FY 2013-14 proposed budget. Item passed unanimously.

Item 13: Consideration to waive special event fees and to provide in-kind equipment and staff support for The Best Little Brewfest in Texas on June 21st, 2014, as requested by Cloud 9 charities. Kim Cloud and Daynor Stinson with Cloud Nine Charities spoke in favor of this item. At least a dozen individuals, from all over the metroplex, filled out cards in support of this item, as well. The event will cost the City $6,250 for costs related to City staff and in-kind equipment. The item passed unanimously.

Item 15: Appointments of Committee Chairs and Members of the four 2025 Committees. The Council had different lists and different ideas on who should be chairs of various committees. It was then agreed to that the committees would appoint their own chairs at a later date. A motion was made to approve everyone into the 2025 Committee who had applied. Item passed unanimously. The Council then had further discussion then it was eventually decided to delay the item regarding how they were going to delegate the applicants to the four 2025 subcommittees until after the closed session to give staff time to create the list that councilmen wanted.

The Council then adjourned into Closed Session to discuss property acquisition issues.

The Council then went back into open session to discuss the list once more.

Update from Deputy Mayor Pro-Tem Gilmore: Roughly half of the members were appointed to various committees last night, and the rest will be appointed by staff at a later date.

LTJ will update the story or post a new story when we get the full list of committees and chairs.

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