2014 NTDR Roller Derby Videos

Date 2014/5/31 22:33:54 | Topic: Sports

We've been a bit behind on posting videos from the North Texas Derby Revolution home bouts, which we committed to videotape this year.

Here are the videos from the 2014 season, posted in reverse-chronological order:

4/26/2014 - Hickory Street Hooligans vs Muertas Locas
(Stay tuned - coming soon)
Final Score: 136-115 - Hickory Street Hooligans

4/26/2014 - Elm Street Nightmares vs Main Street Mafia

Final Score: 270-72 - Main Street Mafia

3/29/2014 - Main Street Mafia vs. The Trauma Queens

Final Score: 274-124 - Main Street Mafia

3/29/2014 - Hickory Street Hooligans vs Elm Street Nightmares

Final Score: 290-37 - Hickory Street Hooligans
2/15/2014 - Main Street Mafia vs. Hickory Street Hooligans

Final Score: 171-124 - Main Street Mafia

2/15/2014 - Muertas Locas vs The Trauma Queens

Final Score: 331-167 - The Trauma Queens

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