Updated: Landfill Closed Due to Flooding - May Delay Garbage Pickup

Date 2015/6/1 4:50:00 | Topic: Local News, Notes and Events

Update - 6/1/2015 - 9 p.m.
Waste Management Public Affairs Manager Greta Calvery said tonight that the DFW Landfill remains closed. If the past is any indication, it could be awhile before it reopens. Calvery said that when the floods caused the landfill to close in 1990, they were down for 10 days. They remain hopeful that the landfill can reopen sooner than that, but Calvery said the Corps of Engineers told her it could be Wednesday before the river crests.

Waste collection routes in Lewisville are affected, since trash now has to be hauled to Ferris, TX, which is a 48 minute drive without traffic. Calvery said crews were working overtime to get the trash collected, but that the routes had already been slow since wet weather makes the trash heavier, which requires more frequent trips to the landfill.

Waste Management and the City of Lewisville are urging residents to put their trash out on their normal trash day, but to leave it out if it is not collected, since it could be picked up the next day. Collection crews are not skipping routes, but will get to them as they can.

Since the DFW landfill is closed, residents cannot currently take advantage of their dumping privileges, but bulky waste collection is still available.

For more information about trash collection in the City of Lewisville, visit the city website. If you must, you can contact Waste Management: 972.315.5400. But please understand that the flooding is a circumstance beyond their control. They are working diligently to get the garbage collected.

Original Story:
DFW Landfill (A.K.A. Mt. Lewisville), the landfill where municipal solid waste from Lewisville and other local cities is buried, was shut down due to flooding. In an email sent this morning, Waste Management Public Affairs Manager Greta Calvery informed various city officials:

Good morning!

Our Waste Management operations team hopes you and your families are not experiencing any damage due to the flooding In our area. This unprecedented flooding has been challenging for our operations as well. We wanted to let you know that due to the flooding in the area, the DFW landfill and the gas operations are both completely shut down.

We want to assure you that the landfill itself is fine, but the access road into the landfill is closed. The gas recovery and control system had to be shut down due to high waters as they are creating electricity. It simply isn’t safe. Once it is safe, we will have repair crews onsite working around the clock to make the repairs.

Unfortunately, we have no control of when the waters will recede due to the combined flooding from rain and the release of the water from the dam in Lewisville. Currently the water is 4’ above the spillway.

We will continue to update you on the progress of the repairs and when the site will reopen. We are sensitive to the fact some of you may experience some odors during this time. Rest assured we are working minimize the odors.

Thank you for your understanding and patience during these repairs. Please call me with any concerns or questions.

At this time, we're not aware of any impacts to trash pickup schedules, but we are reaching out to Waste Management and the City of Lewisville to see what we can find out. We'll update the article if we get more.

Photo: Waste Management garbage trucks parked along Railroad Street. Credit: TJ Gilmore.

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