Brief Storm Brings Minor Damage to Lewisville

Date 2015/6/15 3:10:00 | Topic: Local News, Notes and Events

Sunday afternoon - between about 4:35 - 4:45 p.m., an isolated but strong storm brought heavy winds to parts of Lewisville and created minor damage in several locations that we are aware of. It is also reported that there were some power outages.

- In Old Town near Cowan and Main Street, next to the LISD student services building, the winds snapped two utility poles and left communication cables lying in the street.

- At the intersection of Main and Surf/Summit, numerous tree limbs were snapped and a DCTA bus stop was apparently damaged. Trees at First United Methodist Church were damaged, as were trees at Taco Bell.

- Fences were blown down near North Valley Parkway between Old Orchard and College.

- Trees were knocked down near Garden Ridge and FM 407.

Here are some photos:
Communication lines down where utility poles snapped at Cowan and Main

Tree limbs down at First United Methodist:

Here's a fence that got blown down on Valley Parkway:

(Photo by Lauren Callo)

DCTA bus stop damage:

A tree fell on a fence near Cowan and College:

(Photo by Nancy Nelson)

These two trees fell and smashed through a fence in the Garden Ridge and FM 407 area.

(Photo by Tovah Prue)

We will update this story with more pictures and further damage reports as we learn of them. Feel free to reach out to or message us on Facebook with your damage reports.

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