Lewisville Welcomes Pomegranate Underground

Date 2015/6/29 2:40:00 | Topic: Local News, Notes and Events

By Philip Moulard

June 1 2015, Pomegranate Underground opened their doors in Lewisville. A unique art gallery focusing primarily on alternative art styles ranging from paintings to necklaces, Pomegranate Underground provides Lewisville with a facility that promotes and provides non-traditional art. Located at 418 N Stemmons Fwy, Lewisville, TX 75067, Pomegranate Underground sits in an ideal location close to Medical Center of Lewisville making Old Town Lewisville’s unofficial Arts District.

After opening that door and stepping into the bright yellow structure, patrons enter into a graffiti covered lounge area that is unlike any establishment in the area. Nathan Davis, a local graffiti artist who has previously had work displayed in the MCL Grand Theater in Old Town, has painted an impressive 9ft tall robot piece that extends from the right corner of the lounge to the ceiling above. The lounge area is a multi-purpose room serving as an entry way, a staging area for various events, and a concession stand.

Stepping into the Gallery itself is comparable to the first time seeing a fireworks show, captivating with an explosion of color, yet retaining a sense of formal elegance. The beautiful and primarily wood adorned room, house a modest mixture of art presented on a multitude of surfaces. Also present in the gallery are a selection of affordable merchandise like pens, t-shirts, and prints of different pieces. There is something for everyone to take away from the gallery.

Highlights include a collection of necklaces, crafted from raw materials by Lewisville councilman and Deputy Mayor, Neil Ferguson. Neil’s assortment of beautiful hand-crafted jewelry, bring a sense of earthy elegance to the show. Kathleen Mekailek’s (another MCL Grand contributor) captivating abstract painting, Ocean Distress with its textured circular patterns and swirls of royal blue and teal, take patrons to an isolated yet calming place one could associate with drifting in a vast ocean and Dan Reece’s multiple paintings that take a very demented and post modern take on popular McDonald’s characters such as the Hamburglar, Ronald, and Grimace. Reece’s work in particular captivate with their raw and unsettling imagery to paint a visual symbolism to the negative stigmas associated with the fast food giant.

Pomegranate Underground brings a very unique and different style of art to the art-loving citizens of Lewisville that will provide welcomed alternative to more formal atmosphere of the MCL Grand’s Art Gallery. Be sure to visit them Friday, July 10 for their Lewisville Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting. Live music and food will be present from 4 p.m. to 11 p.m.

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