Food Reviews: Amy Renee's Grill & Spirits

Date 2015/10/19 14:47:59 | Topic: Blogs and Columns

By Philip Moulard

1425 FM 407 Ste 100 Lewisville, TX 75077

To call the food industry fickle, would be an understatement. The general public is constantly changing their dining expectation standards. Fortunately, the latest trend is using better quality ingredients in dishes no matter how basic or traditional they may be. Johnny G’s in Lewisville was not an adopter of this new industry ideal. While they provided tasty meals that utilized a proprietary blend of authentic cajun spice, the quality of the overall menu was spotty at best. I am happy to say that Amy Renee’s Grill & Spirits (which replaced Johnny G’s in the same location) appears to not be making the same food quality mistakes of the previous business. This new establishment appears to understand the new ideal and has adopted the new standard.

The overall layout of Amy Renee’s, while similar to its predecessor, is much more organized. The most obvious change is the shift from counter service to traditional serviced tables. Within moments of entering, my family and I were greeted by Sophia, our very friendly waitress for the evening’s meal. She escorted us to our corner booth and explained a few of the menu items. The menu was the same menu as it was with Johnny G’s, albeit a much smaller quantity of entrees from which to choose, with options including a meatball sub, an enchilada plate, a philly cheesesteak, or chicken fried steak plate. It was becoming very clear to me at this point that this is no rebranding, this is an entirely new business.

Twenty minutes after ordering, our food arrived, and I was immediately impressed. The plating of all our entrees was above average. The meatball sub had a visibly high quality cheese with a impeccable browning across the surface. The meatballs were clearly made in-house, being a perfectly seasoned mixture of Italian sausage and ground pork. The chunkier tomato and onion marinara made for a very hearty sandwich, much better than a traditional paste-based sauce. However, the bread could have been a bit thicker to hold this marinara component. The enchilada plate was equally impressive, with perfect portions and one of the best looking chili con carne sauces I have seen. Fortunately for us, everything tasted just as good as it looked. I very much enjoyed the meatball sub. Overall, our dishes were quite pleasant.

Amy Renee’s Grill & Spirits is an establishment that really makes me appreciate what I do. It gives me the opportunity to let people know that sometimes second chances do happen, and sometimes people do take full advantage of them. Amy Renee’s provides a completely different take on the bar and grill format, and does so with an impressively varied and well prepared menu that you will not find anywhere else. Combine all of the positive aspects of the food and atmosphere with the great service, and what you get is one of the best spots in Lewisville. Next time you are on F.M. 407 and want to try something a little bit different, do not hesitate to stop in at this new local gem.


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