Psychotic Bitch Gives Rare Pre-Wedding Omen ...

Date 2005/5/3 15:36:21 | Topic: Miscellaneous

... and her fiance is too retarded to pick up and haul ass in the other direction. Run, dude! She's a flake.

After an exhaustive and very expensive search effort this week, it turns out that Duluth, GA woman Jennifer Carol Wilbanks, faked her own abduction because of pre-wedding jitters.

CNN reports that the wedding was to have 600 guests, and that the couple was registered at 4 different stores. Among the gifts already purchased was a $400 crystal ice bucket.

Miss Wilbanks has yet to apologize, and her fiance still plans to marry her.

Good grief!

People in this country are simply INSANE when it comes to planning lavish weddings.

This article comes from The Lewisville Texan Journal

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