New Political Party - GOOOH! - Lawyers and Politicians Need Not Apply

Date 2007/11/10 1:37:32 | Topic: Miscellaneous

I got an interesting email today from GOOOH (pronounced "Go"), an aspiring new political party whose full name is The "Get Out of our House" Party. The group claims that its party is non-partisan, and that they expect each Congressional district to elect a true Representative member - more liberal from San Francisco and more conservative from Colorado Springs.

Their major goal is to replace all 435 members of the U.S. House of Representatives with members of their group who can truthfully pass their candidate questionnaire. Here is an example of some of their questions - perhaps a good idea of what their platform will become:
Will you vote to amend the Constitution to exclude people with a law degree from serving in the House of Representatives?

Will you vote to exclude a plaintiff’s legal representative from receiving any portion of a punitive award and split the payment between the plaintiff and charity?

Will you vote to impose a penalty of life in prison, or death, for anyone convicted of selling drugs to a minor, excepting only to reduce the sentence to twenty years if information is provided that leads to the conviction of their supplier?

Will you vote to multiply by ten the prison sentence of those convicted of possessing drugs that are not willing to provide information that leads to the conviction of their supplier?

Will you vote to legalize marijuana?

Will you vote to privatize government initiatives, including at least one of the following: national parks, highways, mail, licensing or the airwaves?

Will you vote to limit the amount of foreign aid provided to any one country, in any year, to a maximum of 10,000 times the median income ($460 million), and to only allow a country to receive funds for a maximum of two years in any five year period, excepting those nations in a declared war with a foreign enemy or a genocidal situation?

Will you vote to limit foreign aid to ten or less countries in any year?

Will you vote to eliminate all government price and production controls, including abolishment of the minimum wage?

The group plans to have potential candidates complete the questionnaire and submit it along with a $100 contribution, and attend a "candidate selection session", where the process will begin.

"Politicians" and Lawyers are NOT invited to participate.

Based in Liberty Hill, TX, the group is currently incorporated in Texas as an LLC. The group's website says:
We are currently structured as an LLC while we prepare to implement the most effective legal structure (527, trust, corporation, non-profit, etc.) and determine how to best meet FEC requirements. We want participants and donors to have complete confidence in the system, and we commit that the operation will be fully transparent. We will post information on the final structure as soon as we can, and will address any concerns members may have in the forums.

Presumably the group would be required to form a federal PAC before raising or spending more than $5,000. It would be a shame to see the fledgling party get tangled up with F.E.C. problems before it can really get off the ground.

The Austin American Statesman has this article on GOOOH.

For what it's worth, I think it's noble to try to shake things up and get money and partisan politics pushed out in favor of public service and representative democracy. I personally think the best way that I can do that is to work from within the Democratic Party. The GOOOH questions seem to me to be a bit extreme. While I do favor reforms in the way that our Congress works, most of the specific proposals are just "out there".

Just for fun, I may take the quiz - as someone who was an exploratory candidate for Congress for all of a week before deciding it just wasn't right. Could be fun. What do you think?

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