Best of WhosPlayin, 2007

Date 2007/11/20 5:57:36 | Topic: The Editor's Column

These are some of the posts that I think of as my best work:


Three Men on a Bridge


I Will - a Personal Credo
Parable of the Two Wolves
Lady On The Plane (by Vicki)

Parenting / Marriage

Father's Day, 2007
Kids and Money
The Freebie List - Keeping Hope Alive for us Old Married Folk

The Work Place

Live-blogging my crappy work day

Constitutional / National:

Proposed Constitutional Amendment on Pardons and Reprieves
Why Democrats oppose "Voter ID" bills


Danger from Mercury or fear from Uranus? Compact Fluorescents
The "Global Warming" Conspiracy

Health Care Policy:

Universal Health Care - You're Soaking In It
"Bringing Down" the Number of Insured?


Council Election Not a Referendum on Day Labor Center
Lewisville 2007 City Council Runoffs - More involved than I want to be.


Come to Lewisville and Get Hitched for a Buck!
Texas Town to Allow Public Smoking of Weed
Potty Loyalty

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