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News and Opinion
News and Opinion New website
  LewisvilleTexan (2016/5/11 3:57:49)
News and Opinion Help wanted: Journalist
  LewisvilleTexan (2016/5/8 7:00:55)
News and Opinion Three-year-old struck by boat propeller is son of Lewisville firefighter
  LewisvilleTexan (2016/5/8 4:03:08)
News and Opinion Letters: Mothers provide example
  LewisvilleTexan (2016/5/7 14:34:45)
News and Opinion Obituaries
  LewisvilleTexan (2016/5/7 14:06:09)
News and Opinion Print Edition - 05/07/2016
  LewisvilleTexan (2016/5/7 12:46:06)
News and Opinion Vote Saturday in LISD and Lewisville elections
  LewisvilleTexan (2016/5/6 16:30:48)
News and Opinion Lewisville Area Chamber endorses police and fire district propositions
  LewisvilleTexan (2016/5/5 15:53:21)
News and Opinion Positive West Nile test prompts Lewisville mosquito spraying for Tuesday and Wednesday nights
  LewisvilleTexan (2016/5/2 21:22:01)
News and Opinion Art Review - "Just Bury It"
  LewisvilleTexan (2016/4/30 10:14:10)
News and Opinion Print Edition - 04/30/2016
  LewisvilleTexan (2016/4/30 4:51:48)
News and Opinion Lewisville police ask residents to report non-working street lights
  LewisvilleTexan (2016/4/29 17:06:39)
News and Opinion Ozone Season Brings Heightened Air Quality Awareness
  LewisvilleTexan (2016/4/29 0:27:54)
News and Opinion North Texas Blvd bridge demolition this weekend
  LewisvilleTexan (2016/4/28 23:56:53)
News and Opinion Video: Lewisville ISD candidates use forum to talk about issues, qualifications
  LewisvilleTexan (2016/4/28 4:32:39)
News and Opinion Avanti Senior Living at Flower Mound to host welcome events with sneak peeks of design
  LewisvilleTexan (2016/4/27 20:45:20)
News and Opinion Journey to Dream to open shelter for homeless teens
  LewisvilleTexan (2016/4/26 3:23:38)
News and Opinion Briefs for 4/24/2016
  LewisvilleTexan (2016/4/24 17:16:15)
News and Opinion STAAR: All for the love of testing
  LewisvilleTexan (2016/4/23 14:11:07)
News and Opinion Rough week for Farmer softball and baseball
  LewisvilleTexan (2016/4/23 13:47:17)
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