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News and Opinion
News and Opinion Gene Carey – Much more than a public servant
  WhosPlayin (2016/4/9 13:12:06)
News and Opinion Hundreds turn out to funeral of Gene Carey, former mayor
  WhosPlayin (2016/4/9 12:17:46)
News and Opinion Congressional delegation says dam repairs funded and on track
  WhosPlayin (2016/4/8 13:05:25)
News and Opinion Council hears presentation on tree ordinance
  WhosPlayin (2016/4/2 15:28:03)
News and Opinion Police warn of 'Felony Lane Gang' vehicle burglaries
  WhosPlayin (2016/3/30 19:42:29)
News and Opinion Updated: Police investigate accidental shooting
  WhosPlayin (2016/3/29 20:05:45)
News and Opinion Things to know: Tips for dealing with your hail damaged roof
  WhosPlayin (2016/3/26 14:49:00)
News and Opinion Longhorns Class of 2016: Lewisville guard Denzel Okafor hopes to put defenders on ice
  WhosPlayin (2016/3/26 14:27:16)
News and Opinion Hail pelts Lewisville; lightning starts fires
  WhosPlayin (2016/3/24 6:27:53)
News and Opinion Upcoming Closures on the 35Express Project
  WhosPlayin (2016/3/21 3:37:07)
News and Opinion Growing pains: The one southbound lane said needed now on Mill at College Street
  WhosPlayin (2016/3/21 3:05:19)
News and Opinion Print Edition - 03/19/2016
  WhosPlayin (2016/3/19 12:55:45)
News and Opinion City council notes March 7: Election canceled, candidates declared elected
  WhosPlayin (2016/3/19 12:17:11)
News and Opinion Lewisville installs two new warning sirens
  WhosPlayin (2016/3/17 0:29:47)
News and Opinion Lewisville OEM asks citizens to be ‘weather-aware’
  WhosPlayin (2016/3/15 13:35:42)
News and Opinion Man jumps in lake after hit-and-run
  WhosPlayin (2016/3/14 14:51:53)
News and Opinion Updated: One arrested in drug-related double shooting in Lewisville
  WhosPlayin (2016/3/13 0:47:53)
News and Opinion LHS Softball tied for second in district, ranked ninth in state
  WhosPlayin (2016/3/12 14:12:00)
News and Opinion Bomb threat caused evacuation at 24 Hour Fitness Thursday night
  WhosPlayin (2016/3/12 0:54:26)
News and Opinion Fire causes heavy damage to neighborhood playground
  WhosPlayin (2016/3/12 0:19:41)
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