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News and Opinion
News and Opinion Lake Park won't be open for Memorial Day weekend
  LewisvilleTexan (2016/4/23 13:16:41)
News and Opinion Print Edition - 04/23/2016
  LewisvilleTexan (2016/4/23 11:54:23)
News and Opinion Journal, Gazette team up for LISD candidate forum Wednesday, Apr. 27
  LewisvilleTexan (2016/4/22 22:02:10)
News and Opinion Early voting ends Tuesday in LISD, city elections
  LewisvilleTexan (2016/4/22 11:25:15)
News and Opinion New car wash makes grand opening splash with free wash and charity benefit
  LewisvilleTexan (2016/4/16 14:57:03)
News and Opinion Print Edition - 04/16/2016
  LewisvilleTexan (2016/4/16 13:41:40)
News and Opinion LHS Student Council receives national award
  LewisvilleTexan (2016/4/15 12:25:52)
News and Opinion Longtime firefighter, son run feed store in Lewisville
  LewisvilleTexan (2016/4/15 3:41:49)
News and Opinion Upcoming Closures on the 35Express Project
  LewisvilleTexan (2016/4/14 12:54:47)
News and Opinion Record breaking attendance at KLB’s 30th annual Spring Clean Up event
  LewisvilleTexan (2016/4/14 12:24:54)
News and Opinion Rotary recognizes vocational heroes
  LewisvilleTexan (2016/4/13 4:37:09)
News and Opinion ColorPalooza at Wayne Ferguson Plaza Saturday
  LewisvilleTexan (2016/4/9 13:38:00)
News and Opinion 200 participate in LEF's 8th annual golf tournament
  LewisvilleTexan (2016/4/9 13:31:54)
News and Opinion Print Edition - 4/9/2016
  LewisvilleTexan (2016/4/9 5:23:58)
News and Opinion City health inspectors 'going green' with electric cars
  LewisvilleTexan (2016/4/8 2:06:28)
News and Opinion 18-Wheelers and commercial vehicles to be prohibited from I-35E left lanes
  LewisvilleTexan (2016/4/7 13:11:43)
News and Opinion Lewisville Fire Department pushes in new engine for Station 4
  LewisvilleTexan (2016/4/7 12:33:57)
News and Opinion Former Lewisville Mayor Gene Carey dead at 73
  LewisvilleTexan (2016/4/4 23:47:08)
News and Opinion Print Edition - 04/02/2016
  LewisvilleTexan (2016/4/2 11:41:43)
News and Opinion Victims of April 1, 2015 tragedy remembered
  LewisvilleTexan (2016/4/1 4:58:14)
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